FAQ's on Using PayMaya in Fast File

Answers for frequently asked questions about using PayMaya in paying for tax forms in Fast File.

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What is the maximum amount allowed for non-upgraded accounts?

  • The maximum allowed amount is Php 50,000 and Php 100,000 for upgraded accounts.

Is there a limit to the number of payments I can make to the BIR?

  • There is no limit to the number of payments you can make to the BIR. However, please note the maximum amount allowed for non-upgraded and upgraded PayMaya accounts. 

Is there a service fee for using PayMaya as my Payment Method in JuanTax?

  • Yes. A service fee amounting to Php 40 will be charged to the user for every transaction.

Do I need to be upgraded to use pay my tax dues in JuanTax using PayMaya?

  • No, you just need to activate your PayMaya account and make sure you have enough credits in your account.

How do I make sure that my tax due was successfully paid?

  • PayMaya will notify you through the app, SMS, and email confirmation that your tax due/s has been paid together with the reference ID and transaction number. 

What happens if my payment transaction failed?

  • The amount you paid will be returned to your PayMaya account.

If I pay my tax due today, when will my payment be reflected?

  • The payment shall reflect within 48 hours from the date of Bank transmission to BIR, provided there is no validation error. So it is highly recommended that you settle your payments early to avoid any delays.

What do I do if I settled the wrong account? Is there a charge to have this reversed?

  • There is no reversal once you’ve confirmed your payment so make sure you have your correct TIN before proceeding to the payment stage.

Will I get an official receipt when I pay my bills through PayMaya?

  • No, but you can refer to the transaction number from the e-mail confirmation or receipt number from the activity log for any inquiries/concerns to the BIR.

Who do I call if I encounter problems with my payment?

You may contact PayMaya at support@paymaya.com

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