From your Filed and Paid ITR, click on the Preview button on the upper right part of the form.

The Tax Confirmation tab confirms BIR's receipt of the form you have just filed. This includes the File name and the Date and Time it was received by BIR. Please take note that your ITR is still subject to validation by BIR.

While the Payment Confirmation Tab is your electronic receipt showing that your payment was successfully issued through your selected payment partner. It also includes a few details about the form you have submitted as well as the amount and date of the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I download a copy of my Confirmation emails?

Yes, to download a copy of your Tax Confirmation receipt, simply click on the Download ⬇️ Icon and this will save a PDF copy of your receipt to your computer.

What if I don't get my confirmation email?

JuanTax automatically displays a Tax Confirmation receipt within your filed ITR in Fast File once your return has been successfully received by the BIR. In the event that the Tax Confirmation receipt did not display in your account, the most common reason is that BIR hasn't sent back its confirmation yet. However, rest assured that JuanTax automatically sends an email to the BIR every 12 MN to follow up on your Tax Confirmation receipt. That follow up email is attached to the Tax Confirmation Tab of your Fast File account.

I was the one who paid the tax payment but I am not the registered JuanTax user. While paying the tax due, I forgot to put my email address. How can I have a copy of my tax payment?

Once you process a payment via Credit Card or Pay by PayMaya, you can alternatively contact the JuanTax Account Holder and request for a copy.

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