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BIR Form 2551Q are taxes imposed on individuals/businesses who sell/lease goods or services which are exempted from Value Added Tax (VAT) with annual sales not exceeding 3,000,000 PHP.

How to file?

To get started, you may visit this article, Creating Your 2551Q Report from our Help Centre. Once you have filed your return in JuanTax, you will receive an email both in your (1) JuanTax inbox and (2) Your registered email inbox. Just like any eBIR submissions, date and time of reply is based upon the extent of BIR once they have finished examining the return.

For you to learn the step by step process in filing a tax form in JuanTax, please see the guide below:

Who needs to file?

  • Taxpayers who are VAT-exempt with annual revenues not more than 3,000,000.00 (PHP).

  • Financial institutions such as banks, finance companies, agents of life insurance companies (foreign), and any related financial intermediaries.

  • Franchisees of gas/water utilities, radio/TV broadcasting with revenue not more than ten(10) million pesos.

  • Domestic and international air/shipping carriers.

When to file?

Under Republic Act No. 10963, also known as the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (also known as TRAIN Law), 2551Q forms shall be filed every 25th day after the taxable quarter.

Please take note that your tax forms will be sent electronically to the BIR until 9 pm. Any forms that will be sent beyond that filing deadline will be transmitted within the next business day.

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