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Parts of the Preview Screen
Parts of the Preview Screen

View your tax form in the Preview mode to see how it'll appear once BIR accessed it from their end.

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To go to preview mode, simply click the Preview button located on the top left part of the form page. This will open a new tab.

In this example, we will be using BIR Form 1606.

1. The Collapse Menu Icon (≡) lets you show or hide the tax form's pages.

2. Pagination indicates the current page you're on and the number of pages there are. It also allows you to jump from one page to another; simply enter the page number that you want to go to.

4. The Minimize (-) icon allows you to shrink the page view so you can see more details at once.

4. The Maximize (+) icon allows you to enlarge the page view so you can see the tax form's details bigger.

5. Fit to Page function automatically fits the tax form image to the page instead of you manually adjusting the image size.

6. The Rotate button lets you rotate the form counterclockwise.

7. The Download button saves a PDF copy of your form on your device.

8. With the Print button, you can easily print any desired page of your tax form with just one click.

9. The Three Vertical Dots opens a menu with additional options such as:

  • Two-page view

  • Annotations

  • Present

  • Document Properties

Quick FAQs:

When should I click the preview button?
You can click on the preview anytime as long as all the required fields from your form have been completed and if your account has existing credits.

Will I get charged every time I click on the preview button?
You will only be charged PHP 100 once, and this is for the first time that you click on the Preview button. You won't be charged for the succeeding clicks and use of the Preview functionality.

Will my form status change once I click Preview?
No, your form's status will remain as it is.

Can I click on Preview even if my form is already submitted and is in the 'In Progress' stage?
Yes, you can still click on the Preview button. This also leads you to the Tax and Payment Confirmation tabs in your account.

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