1. The Back button brings you back to the page where you fill out the form. You can click this button to make necessary changes to the form.

2. The Tax Return tab shows a preview of your form.

3. The Tax Confirmation tab contains the confirmation receipt of your submission.

4. The Payment Confirmation tab will show you the confirmation for the payment you made for your tax dues.

5. The Send to Client button sends the form to the client for approval and or payment. This is for accountants, bookkeepers and tax agents who generate the forms for their clients, but let their clients pay the tax dues.

6. The File Now button is the button that you should click when you are ready to electronically file and pay your form.

7. The Rotate button rotates your form clockwise.

8. The Download button saves a PDF copy of your form in your computer.

9. The Print button sends a copy of the form to your printer, ready for printing.

10. The Chat button routes you to JuanTax Fast File’s chat portal.


When should I click the Preview button?
You can click on the Preview anytime as long as all the required fields from your form has been completed and if your account has existing credits.

Will I get charged everytime I click on the Preview button?
You will only be charged PHP100 once and this is for the first time that you click on the Preview button. You won't be charged for the succeeding clicks and use of the Preview functionality.

Will my form status change once I click Preview?
No, your form's status will be as it is.

Can I click on Preview even if my form is already submitted and is in 'In Progress' stage?
Yes, you can still click on the Preview button. This is also leads you to the Tax and Payment Confirmation tabs in your account.

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