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Income Statement

This report shows the company's revenues and expenses for the financial year.

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NOTE: You should be enrolled in the PLUS plan to be able to generate the Income Statement Report in JuanTax.

To run this report:

1. In the sidebar menu click Plus, select Financial Reports then Income Statement.

2. Set the Date Range.

3. (Optional) For more in-depth comparisons, you can set the Comparison period(s) and do a trend up to 11 months back by using the filter. Selecting additional periods will allow you to compare each reporting period.

4. Click the Filter button.

You can also compare and see the difference between your Actual vs. Projected accounts by clicking the check box next to the % of Revenue inside your Income Statement report.

Once you've run your report, you can:

  • Export the report by clicking on the Export Report button on the upper right part of the screen.

  • This report also lets you see a list of transactions that belongs to its respective account by simply clicking on the amount in the right column. This will then direct you to the Transactions Report.

Important Information:
You can also run the Trial Balance and Balance Sheet in JuanTax Plus.

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