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Clients can now review and file their returns.

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Important Information:

  • This feature does not require clients to be Fast File users or account holders.

  • Your Fast File code will only be valid for up to 10 minutes from the time it is generated.

  • Send to Client Request email expires after 48 hours from the time it is generated.

Here's how it works from the User's point of view:

STEP 1: After completing the form, click on the Filing Options button. Choose the Send to Client option.

STEP 2: Enter the client's details, such as Name, Email Address and Mobile Number then click Send to proceed.

Notice that the form status will change from Draft to Sent to Client (Locked). Keep in mind that the user will not be able to make any more changes to the form once the client has opened the return.

Note: The user can revert this action regardless of the status of the return (Draft or In Progress) as long as it has not been filed yet.

Simply click on the Filing Options button, then choose Cancel Sent to Client.

If the client decides to open the email after the user has decided to cancel the action, the client will be prompted with the screen below and will be unable to proceed with reviewing the return.

Here's how it works from the client's point of view:

STEP 1: The client will receive an email asking them to review the return. 

Fast File will send the client a one-time password (OTP) using the number registered for them by the user.

STEP 2: The client simply needs to enter this verification code in the box provided and click Continue.

STEP 3: The client can now proceed with reviewing the return. 

3.A. File Now

After checking the return and confirming that everything is correct, the client can proceed by clicking the File Now button.

Friendly reminder: Tax returns filed after 9:00 PM will be processed the following day to provide ample time for validation and acknowledgment from the BIR.

The client will receive a Tax Return Receipt Confirmation email after filing their form.

3.B. Reject

If the client chooses to reject the tax form, they can leave a comment as to why they chose to reject it.

The Fast File user will receive an email including comments on why the return has been rejected by the client. 

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