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Filing of Taxes to the BIR
Filing of Taxes to the BIR

This section will provide you with the steps in filling out your tax forms using Fast File.

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STEP 1: On your Fast File Dashboard:

i. Choose the organization that you wish to generate a form for

ii. Click the Start Return button.

STEP 2: Choose the return you wish to generate.

Here’s a list of available tax forms in Fast File:



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Certain sections of the form are pre-populated based on the information that the user has provided during the organization set up.

STEP 3: Forms are separated into sections (parts) following the actual forms of the BIR. Simply click a part to work on from the left side of the page. This will expand the form section, and you can start entering the necessary numbers.

The numbers are pre-calculated based on the amounts you entered in each box. This ensures that all your taxes are computed accurately.

After completing the form, you are now ready to proceed to the next step: filing and payment. Click on the Filing Options button, then click File Now.

Forms are automatically saved as Draft so you won’t have to worry about losing your data even if you get disconnected from the Internet.


Tax returns filed after 9:00 PM will be processed the following day to provide ample time for validation and acknowledgment from the BIR.

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