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How to Use eAFS of the BIR for Compliance
How to Use eAFS of the BIR for Compliance

eAFS is an online system of the BIR which lets taxpayers submit their Filed ITR and its Attachments through BIR's webpage.

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Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Go to BIR’s website and click EAFS.

2. Register for an account. Input details such as Taxpayer’s Information, Authorized Tax Agent/Representative, Login Information, and click Submit to proceed.

3. After clicking on Submit, you will receive an email from BIR asking you to Activate your BIR AFS eSubmission Account.

4. After activating the account, return to the AFS eSubmission page and log in using your account.

5. Once logged in, click on File Upload and start uploading the required attachments which will be grouped into 3 document files. Take note that only PDF document type is valid and file size limit per document is 4.8GB.

What are the required document files for electronically filed returns?

FILE 1: Income Tax Return

  • Electronically Filed ITR Form 1702 or Form 1701

  • Filing Reference Number / Email Notification

  • Proof of Payment/ Acknowledgement Receipt

FILE 2: Audited Financial Statement

  • Audited Financial Statement which composes of Auditor’s Support, Financial Statements (FS), and Statement of Management Responsibilities (SMR), stating that the taxpayer is responsible for all the taxes he/she has filed)

FILE 3 & 4: Other Attachments (only applicable if attachments are available)

  • 2307 (part payments received as part of our income tax dues)

  • Alphalist and SAWT also need to be attached

6. After completing the above requirements, click on the Choose button and start uploading your file. Once finished, click on Submit.

  • Make sure that your file name is correct, Otherwise, you will get an Invalid file name format error message and you will not be able to proceed.

7. You will receive a Reference Number in your email address showing that Your BIR AFS eSubmission upload were received. It is important to have this printed out as this will be the replacement for the "stamp process" that BIR was previously doing for acknowledging the completion of your ITR filing.

eAFS was launched by the BIR under RMC No. 49-2020 with the goal to encourage every taxpayer to utilize digital channels in complying with their tax responsibilities.

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