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Generating BIR Form 0619-E in Fast File
Generating BIR Form 0619-E in Fast File

In this guide, you will learn all about filing BIR Form 0619-E. Such as who, when, and how to file this form using Fast File.

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What is it?

BIR Form 0619-E, or Monthly Remittance Form for Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded), is a remittance form that is used for the remittance of expanded withholding taxes, as mentioned within the provisions of Revenue Regulations No. 11-2018.

Who needs to file it?

Any individual or non-individual considered a withholding agent who is required to withhold (and deduct) taxes that were paid to the authorized representative, on behalf of the taxpayer shall use this form to remit the creditable tax withheld. Now, if the agent required to withhold payments is a corporation, then the return shall be filed using the corporation’s name, verified by the president, vice president, or authorized officer, and signed by the appointed treasurer/assistant treasurer.

When do you file it?

Remittance forms such as 0619-E shall be filed every 10th day of the following month at which the withholding was made.

How to File?

To file a BIR Form 0619-E in Fast File, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: From your portal, click on the Start Return button.

STEP 2: Select Withholding Tax Return and hit Next.

STEP 3: Choose 0619E, then click the Next button.

STEP 4: Select the date of the transaction covered in this report. Choose from the Year and Month drop-down buttons, then click Next.

STEP 5: In the second section of the form, enter all background information properly based on your BIR Certificate of Registration (COR/Form 2303).

Certain parts of the form are already pre-populated based on the information that you have provided during the Organization setup.

STEP 6: The third section of the form shows the Summary of Tax Remittance. The Total Amount of Remittance will automatically be calculated based on the sum of the Withholding Taxes and Penalties (Items 16 and 17D) made within the covered period.

Note: To ensure that the amount of withholding tax will be properly accepted as a tax credit on the income tax liability, make sure that you duly submit your Form 2307 along with your tax form.

Just like that! You can now proceed to the payment stage by clicking the Filing Option button located on the top-right part of the page.

Please take note that your tax forms will be sent electronically to the BIR until 9 pm. Any forms that will be sent beyond that filing deadline will be transmitted within the next business day.

BIR Form 0619-E is straight-out simple to fill out and complete. Get started on your tax-compliance journey today and start filing at 🤗

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