Friendly reminders:

For filing WITH tax dues:

JuanTax Deadline for submission is 1 business day before BIR's Deadline, on or before 9 PM.

Note: You can still pay your tax dues after JuanTax’s deadline, however, this may incur penalties as we have no control over other Bank’s tax dues processing.

For filing WITHOUT tax dues:

JuanTax Deadline for submission is 9 PM on the same day as the BIR's deadline.

Note: Tax filing without tax dues made after the cut-off mark may incur penalties.

Here are some helpful tips in e-Filing your forms:

  1. Secure a stable Internet Connection

  2. Prepare what you need to populate in each field

  3. Make sure you have any of the available payment methods

  4. Utilize Juantax's Help Center if you need help with filling out your forms, or contact our support team. Our support team is available through email & in-App chat, 8 AM to 9 PM.

For more info in settling your tax dues in the platform, view our help guides below:

Paying taxes using Credit/Debit card
Paying taxes using UnionBank
Paying taxes using PayMaya

Conveniently e-File & e-Pay your Quarterly Forms in the Juantax now! Get started by logging in here:

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