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Your JuanTax Academy Account

The Academy is a one-stop-shop to on-demand courses & live webinar sessions on Basic Accounting, Philippine Taxation, and JuanTax tutorials.

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For JuanTax users, there's no need to go to the signup process. As you may log in right away, using your JuanTax credentials.

Once in, you would need to determine which learner category you belong to, Accountant or Non-Accountant. This selection process will help the Academy understand which courses suit you best.

After selecting your category, you may view the 1. Profile and 2. Log out button on the upper right part of the screen.


Click the appropriate subject of the course you would like to take.

You also have the option to scroll down in the middle part of the page to view the Overview, Lectures, the Lecturer, and the Reviews of the course. Hover your mouse to the subject to start the course.

Congratulations! You are enrolled in a course! The Overview of the lessons are listed on the left side, you must take the lessons from top to bottom, but in case you’d like to go back to a certain lecture, you can just click on the name of the lesson.

The lesson is recorded on a video, after watching a video, click the “complete” button to go to the next lesson. Every time you click COMPLETE, the lesson will have a green check mark on the overview’s list indicating that you’ve completed the lesson.

There is a Quiz on every end of the course, answer the question and click NEXT to proceed to the next question. You have the option to click SKIP if you need more time to answer specific questions. And finally, click on the COMPLETE button once you’re done answering all of the questions.


JuanTax conducts different types of webinars weekly, you may go to the Webinar section of your account to view the list and register.


The lecturer's page is where you can find the people in different organizations with different expertise in their professional fields. These professionals are the one who makes the courses, conducts webinars, and many more to help Taxpayers with their Tax Compliance.

To log out of your account, simply click the “Logout” button at the upper right corner.

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