October 02, 2020

Improvements in setting up a contact’s Default Tax Info, handling an Archived COA, transferring org ownership, importing journal entries

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When adding a new contact, another tab will appear allowing you to set-up the new contact’s Default Tax Information

When transferring ownership (non-firm to non-firm or firm to non-firm) to another user it requires the other party’s billing information to be fully set-up.

When a Chart of Accounts (COA) is detected as currently archived, a pop-up message will appear giving the user an option to either use an active COA to proceed or cancel the editing of the transactions completely. This update only impacts present and future transactions, past transactions will not be changed or affected.

Using this feature, you can paste your accounting data in a CSV template provided in the transaction module and import the CSV using the import wizard to get all your accounting entries in JuanTax faster.

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