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Accept an Invite to take over a JuanTax Ownership (Subscription)
Accept an Invite to take over a JuanTax Ownership (Subscription)

A Billing Information holds the contact and payment details for the JuanTax subscription

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You'll need to accept the email invitation you received to take over the ownership (subscription) of an organization in JuanTax:

  1. Open the invitation email and click the Review Request button.

2A. If you're already a JuanTax user, enter your email and password and click Login.

2B. If you're not yet a JuanTax user, you will be redirected to the sign-up page. Fill out the form and click Sign Up.

3. Creating a billing account is required in accepting a subscription transfer. You can do so by entering your billing contact information and your payment details, then proceed by clicking on the Save and Next button.

You will have an option to set up either use your credit card or buy credits for your JuanTax account and use it to pay the subscription fee.

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