Chart of Accounts in JuanTax

JuanTax provides a default Chart of Accounts aligned to the BIR. This is also our way of pulling transactions that affect your ITR returns.

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To access the Chart of Accounts in JuanTax, on your Organization Dashboard, go to Settings.

Under Settings, go to Chart of Accounts. Under Chart of Accounts are two tabs,

1. Accounts and 2. Archive.

1. Accounts Tab

In the Accounts Tab, you can see that accounts are organized per account type.

Percentage revenue shows the projected revenue based on your Chart of Accounts. With this, you’ll see how much money you’re spending on certain items compared to your revenue. This also identifies how much of the total revenue goes to each of your accounts and presents it in numbers and as a percentage.

To learn more about Percentage Revenue, check out the video below:

Below the account tabs, can also be seen several options in relation to setting up your chart of accounts. These are below:

  • Search bar - allows you to quickly search for a specific account.

  • Add - this is where you can set-up a new account. Simply fill out the form with the Unique Code, Name, and Description of the account.

  • Import - this feature lets you import your own/ custom chart of account. Just paste your chart of accounts information in a CSV template provided in the modal and import the CSV using the import wizard to get all your chart of account entries in JuanTax faster.

  • Download - by clicking this button, you will be downloading a copy of your chart of accounts. The downloaded file contains ALL your accounts Code, Name, Description, Account Type, and Account Sub-Category.

  • Delete - if you want to delete the COA you’ve entered, just click the checkbox and then click the Delete button. A confirmation message will pop-up if you want to delete the items, click the Proceed.

  • Pagination - You can change the number of accounts viewable on 1 page from this button. Note that 10 is the default value and 25, 50, and 100 are the additional available options.

2. Archive Tab

All deleted items will go to this tab.

NOTE: When assigning a Chart of Accounts to a specific transaction and the code is detected as currently archived, a pop-up message will appear giving the user an option to either use an active COA to proceed or cancel the editing of the transactions completely.

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