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FAQs about JuanTax Partner Services: Attorney consultations provided by Legal Tree
FAQs about JuanTax Partner Services: Attorney consultations provided by Legal Tree

With Attorney Consultations you can consult a legal expert about any legal concerns inside the JuanTax platform

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What is JuanTax Partner Services?

JuanTax Partner Services is a new initiative we released to open up our platform to third-party services to give more value to our users.

What is Legal Tree?

Legal Tree is a tech startup and social enterprise with the goal of making legal services simple and affordable. Its vision is a Philippines where anyone who needs legal services can easily get it.

With Legal Tree, you can consult a lawyer with the right specialization for your legal concern within 2 to 3 business days. It has a nationwide network of 220+ law offices to ensure you can consult a lawyer anytime and anywhere. Legal Tree does not compromise on the quality of its services by collaborating only with lawyers who are experienced and in good standing with the Integrated Bar of the Philippines.

As a social enterprise, Legal Tree keeps its prices affordable and everything it earns is reinvested back into its goal of making legal services accessible.

How do I avail of this add-on?

JuanTax PLUS users can find this new add-on feature in the menu bar inside their organization.

How long before I hear back from a legal expert?

A lawyer with the right specialization for your legal concern will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

What does this add-on include?

Attorney Consultations provided by Legal Tree includes the following:

· Unlimited Legal Consultations – Get unlimited consultations for 30 days at PHP 900. Each legal consultation is for up to 30 minutes

· Specialized Legal Advise - Your legal concerns will be addressed by a lawyer with the right specialization

· Fast Response Time - It only takes 2-3 business days for the lawyer to get back to you regarding your concern

How does this work?

Once you avail of the service, click on Get Legal Advice and you will be prompted to a window. That window will ask you to provide a subject title and a short description of your legal concern. Once you’ve populated the necessary fields, click on Send and your legal concern will be sent to Legal Tree right away. Wait 2-3 business days for Legal Tree to get back to you.

Will I be charged immediately once I submit my consultation?

Yes, you will be charged once you submit your consultation as long as your payment pushed through.

Will JuanTax be able to see my legal concerns sent to Legal Tree?

No, all information will directly be sent to Legal Tree. JuanTax has no way of viewing your legal concerns.

I need to follow up with a concern, what should I do?

You may send a follow-up concern using our platform and Legal Tree will reply directly through the email on file.

I want to subscribe on a monthly basis, can you just charge me automatically for the service?

Unfortunately, you would have to manually subscribe to the service once your subscription expires.

I sent my legal concern on the last day of my subscription. Will Legal Tree still allow me to consult a lawyer?

Yes, as long as you submitted the form through the platform, Legal Tree will still accommodate your concern.

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