EWT Analysis

This is a comparative report of suppliers and vendors for BIR forms 2550Q and 1601EQ

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This (quarterly) report is most commonly used by large taxpayers or taxpayers classified as TAMP that is required to withhold from every purchase.

NOTE: This report is only available to PLUS organizations.

To access the EWT Analysis report:

From the Sidebar, click on Plus. Under Plus, choose Other Reports then select EWT Analysis.

With the EWT Analysis, you'll be able to view withholding transactions per Vendor and compare your EWT numbers with your VAT return. This will also help in making sure that each transaction was appropriately withheld.

QUICK TIP: To avoid future amendments, simply create a draft return with all the relevant information and cross-check you did not miss to withhold a VAT return and/or if the amount you input is correct by generating the EWT analysis report.

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