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Approval Process of Form (Direct Business)
Approval Process of Form (Direct Business)

This article describes the approval process of forms starting from the Preparer to the Approver.

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A tax return approval process helps you to send a correct tax return to the BIR at one time. Here is how it benefits your business/firm:

  • It allows you to send error-free tax returns.

  • Save time wasted on amending faulty tax returns.

  • Accurate communication of official documents can be implemented.

Staff Preparer - This user role is responsible for entering data in Plus. He/She can add or edit contacts and transactions, generate reports, view drafts, and file transactions. They can also amend the filed returns and even download them if necessary. They are the ones preparing the transactions and submit them for approval to file.

Approver, Admin, Owner - can decline or approve a tax return that has been forwarded to them from the preparer.

  • Assuming that the return has been approved, only the user who approved the return can “undo approval”

  • Once the return status is under approval or approved, the return status will be changed to “locked”

  • Once the return has been approved, ONLY the approver, admin, or owner, can manually/electronically file for the report

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