Keeping Tax Confirmation and e-Submission confirmation emails is an integral part of the tax filing process. The purpose of the upload confirmation feature is for you to be able to attach confirmation for filings made outside of the JuanTax platform. This will help you keep your references all in one convenient place.

To access this page, from the sidebar menu, simply click on Confirmations.

When you go to your Confirmations tab, you won't have to see all emails at once. You can sort your emails into different Upload type, Email Status, as well as Form Type.

To upload your Tax Confirmation and e-Submission confirmation emails in your report, make sure that your return is manually filed in JuanTax.

To start the process:

  1. From the banner, you’ll see the Upload Confirmation button where there are 2 options, Tax Confirmation and eSubmission.

NOTE: Only pdf file format is allowed.

2. After uploading, the Confirmation tab will appear where you can view the list of your uploaded confirmations.

A Confirmation Printable Form will also be available as proof that your file was successfully uploaded into the system. If a wrong confirmation email was uploaded, this can also be removed using the Delete button located on the bottom part of the modal.

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