December 16, 2020

You can now upload confirmation emails, set a comparison functionality in your Balance Sheet, EWT Analysis, and Unreported Sales Reports.

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Confirmations - (Upload Function) Users can now upload Tax Confirmation and e-Submission confirmation emails from the BIR per report for returns or submissions manually filed outside of JuanTax. We’ve also added filters to help categorize emails by Upload type, Email Status, and Form Type.


Send to Client - The Send to Client email request expires after 48 hours from the time it is generated. After the limit has expired and the client hasn’t filed for the return yet, the preparer can cancel the sending and send the return to the client once again.

Balance Sheet - You may now compare different accounting periods from your records based on the date range you’ve set. This will help you identify financial trends and measure performance over time.

EWT Analysis - We’ve added 1 new column in the EWT Analysis Report that will show the difference between the VAT and EWT net amount.

Unreported Sales - We’ve added 2 new columns in the Unreported Sales Report that will show the summary of sales per contact (ITR) and the difference between the ITR and 2307 net amount (ITR Difference).

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