1604E Tax Return

These instructions are designed to assist taxpayers, or their representatives, with the preparation of their BIR form 1604E using JuanTax.

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  1. Please take note that before you are allowed to generate a 1604E in JuanTax, your 1601EQ must first be filed and paid.

2. There are 5 available tabs inside the 1604E report:

a. Summary - consists of the report’s details.

Computation of Tax - this shows the lists for the whole quarter.

b. Remittance - payment details

b.1. Schedule 1 - this shows the payment details automatically pulled from your 1601EQ. For this reason, it's crucial to make sure your quarterlies are filed and paid.

b.2. Schedule 2- this shows the payment details of your manually added 1606 payment details.

3. Sources - this will show all of your transaction details.

3.a. Schedule 3 - all your 0619E and 1601EQ transactions will be reflected here.

3.b. Schedule 4 - this is where you can manually add payees whose income is exempt from withholding tax.

Steps in adding payee(s):

A. Click on the (+) add/plus icon.

B. Search for the payee's name.

C. Input the payee details.

D. Table listing

4. PDF

5. Notes and Activity

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