November 24, 2017

You can now add your employee list and compensations for 1601-C forms, as well as transactions for Creditable Certificates 2306 and 2307.

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  • Adding Employees and Compensations for 1601-C Forms

In order for you to process your 1601-C form (Monthly Remittance Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation), you would need to have a list of your employees as well as compensations for each staff member.

But what if you have 100+ employees? Maybe the question that you might think of is “Should I enter those transactions in JuanTax one by one?”

Of course not. Here at JuanTax, we want you to easily file your 1601-C forms, which is why we added bulk import features for both your employee list and compensations.

  • 2307 and 2306 Creditable Certificates

Users can now also create creditable certificates for schedules of tax returns in JuanTax.

BIR Form 2307, simply referred to as the Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld At Source, shows income subjected to the expanded withholding tax, which is paid by the withholding agent. In JuanTax, these kinds of certificates can be done for VAT and can be seen in Schedule 6 and Percentage Tax (as seen in Schedule 1).

While 2306 forms (Certificate of Final Income Tax Withheld) can only be done in VAT reports in JuanTax, this form is issued by the withholding agent (employer), and it also reflects income subjected to final tax. It’s located on Schedule 8 of the form.

Another thing is that when it comes to final withholding tax, 2306 is processed annually, while 2307 is done quarterly.

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