STEP 1: From the sidebar menu, Tax Forms then Compensation.

STEP 2: There are two tabs present: 2307 and 2306 certificates. You can either click on the (+) plus/add icon or the Create Transaction button, any of the two lets you start adding transactions.

STEP 3: Select the date of the creditable certificate. You can apply this certificate to your Income Tax and VAT report base on the date selected.

STEP 4: Search for the name of your customer and hit the Continue button.

If this a new customer, simply type the customer's name on the search box and select Add as New Contact and a popup modal will appear where you can enter the customer's information such as Contact Type, TIN, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name as well as Address, City, and Zip. Click the Save button to proceed.

STEP 5: Enter other details such as the amount of the transaction and the account. Hit the Done button to finish.

That's it! Your creditable certificate has now been saved to your list of certificates.

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