Adding Journal Transactions

Learn how to add, import, and post manual journals in JuanTax. This option is only available to PLUS organizations.

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There are valid business transactions that may not involve cash such as the case for sales and purchases. You may record these transactions using the General Journal module.

Adding Journal Transactions in JuanTax is a pretty straight forward process. Check the steps below for more information.

Add journal transactions manually

STEP 1: To start adding transactions in JuanTax, click on the sidebar menu and select Transactions.

STEP 2: Click on the + Add Transaction button select Add Manual then Journal

STEP 3: Type in all of the details on the relevant fields from left to right. Start with the Reference Number and make sure to enter the date of the entry. Check the Include to ITR box if you want to include a Journal entry to your ITR.

The Description is an optional field however for best practice it would be good to add a piece of information. Determine and add the accounts for your Debit and Credit entry to be recorded, and of course the amounts. Hit Save once you're done.

Useful Information:

  • The Debit and Credit - the total of these fields should be equal for you to be able to save this transaction.

  • + Add a new line - Click this button to add a new line item to the journal or click the (x) delete icon beside the line item to delete it.

  • Include to ITR - Select this checkbox if you want the journal to display on your ITR reports.

That's it! Your journal transaction is now successfully created in JuanTax.

Other buttons you can check:

  • Voucher - To see a preview of how your journal looks on a browser or create a PDF copy by printing it from JuanTax, click this button

  • Notes and Activities - On the upper right part of your transaction, you can see the history of the changes made to each transaction and any notes left for checking purposes

  • Journal Options - This is where you can find the option to edit the journal and its details

Importing Journal Transactions using CSV

All you need to do is paste your accounting data in a CSV template provided in the transaction module and import the CSV using the import wizard to get all your accounting entries in JuanTax faster.

STEP 1: Start importing your CSV file by clicking the + Add Transaction button, select Import CSV, and choose Manual Journal.

STEP 2: Once you're done completing the CSV file, you may proceed with importing your transactions by clicking the Browse button.

STEP 3: Locate your CSV file and click Open.

STEP 4: Click the Next button.

STEP 5: Map the fields of your CSV file with the appropriate transaction fields.

STEP 6: Make sure to review the mapped transactions before continuing, and once finished, click Done.

That's it! Your journal transactions are now successfully imported into JuanTax.

These uploaded transactions will now appear on your Transactions module under the Journal tab.

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