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Post-Filing Transaction (Plus Plan)

Learn more about how post-filing transaction works in Plus.

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After successfully filing any Tax Return in JuanTax, A new tab called Filing Transactions, and a new Purchase entry will be visible. This purchase entry is auto-generated upon filing.

This Purchase entry is to record the net Tax Payable made when you file the Tax Return. This entry would be in the Incomplete status which means that this entry is NOT officially in your books.

To change the status, click the Purchase Options button then choose Edit Purchase.

You can either keep the recommended account or change it to your preferred account, click Save Changes to complete.

Going back to the tax return, you would see the status change to Awaiting Payment.

There is no need to do anything from here. As soon as you pay your tax return through the platform, or update the tax payment manually, the status would change automatically to Paid.

By understanding the post-filing process would ensure that your books and financial reports are correctly up to date.

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