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Books Of Accounts Overview (Plus Plan)
Books Of Accounts Overview (Plus Plan)

Learn more about Books Of Accounts in JuanTax.

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One of the greatest add ons of your PLUS organization is the loose-leaf ready Books of Accounts.

All 6 basic books have filter options.

They can also be exported into CSV, TXT, or Excel format.

General Ledger - is the summary of all transactions entered in JuanTax whether paid or not.

Sales Book Journal - Houses all the Sales transactions entered in the Transactions tab.

Purchases Book Journal - Contains all Purchase transactions.

Cash Receipt Book - Contains all the invoices marked as Paid.

Cash Disbursement Book - has all the bills marked as Paid.


The General Journal - Houses all the Journal entries and adjustments.

Once you are inside the General Journal, you will see 2 tabs, 1. Draft and 2. Posted.


1.) Draft - All entered transactions in JuanTax will automatically be in the Draft status to give you a chance to review each entry and post them to your books of accounts.

2.) Posted - Only posted transactions can be exported out of JuanTax. If you change your mind, you can always revert a draft transaction to a posted transaction. After reviewing, any book of accounts can be downloaded hard-bound and submitted to the bureau. No more manual entries and fewer chances of error!

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