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Sales Transaction (fields & descriptions)
Sales Transaction (fields & descriptions)

If you're adding or editing a transaction in JuanTax, here’s some guide to familiarize yourself with the different entry fields.

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Posting transactions can be a tedious task. This article should help you post your records in JuanTax accurately and efficiently.

Sales field



Enter your Customer name here. If the Customer isn't a part of your contacts, add them by clicking Add as New Contact. If you don't have the customer's TIN, you have the option to use the default TIN provided by the system


This is a mandatory field. The date format needs to be in dd/mm/yyyy. For example, 01/01/2021

Invoice number

A unique combination of letters and numbers specifically assigned to this invoice. This also helps you easily find specific invoices when you need them. This field is mandatory


A unique combination of letters and numbers assigned to each sale to help you search for a specific transaction easily. This field is optional


This field is optional. You can enter a description of the goods or services in each line item. Just click each description field to populate it

Tax Type

The type of tax to be applied to your sales (eg: Goods, Services, Non-Tax). This would affect the population of your VAT return and is only available if the organization is set as a VAT registered entity


The ATC column is the organization’s Tax Code based on its industry. You may have seen or used this code during your previous VAT or Percentage Tax filing


This is a mandatory field. Set the account to code the sale into this field. JuanTax created a set of COA that is patterned to ITR sections which can be selected in this column. You can add more Chart Of Accounts in the organization setting

Amount (VAT Inclusive)

This is the gross amount that includes VAT

Tax Amount

The total amount of tax that's applied to the sale

Net Amount

Refers to the amount left over after all deductions are made

Total Amount

The total amount of the sale including tax and other fees

Total Amount Due

This is the total sum of money that must be paid by the set due date

Notes and Activities

On the upper right part of your transaction, you can see the history of the changes made to each transaction and any notes left for checking purposes

Upload Image

You can upload the image of the document representing your transaction to store them as a reference. Per BIR Revenue Regulations RR 5-2014, you are required to preserve hard copies of your books of accounts and other documents for the first five years, and thereafter, retain electronic copies. Added files will only be visible to users with access to your company


You can choose to Save & Close to save the transaction and close the current screen or hit Save and Next to save the current transaction and start adding a new one

Add a new line

+ Add a new line - Click this button to add a new line item to the sales transaction or click the (x) delete icon beside the line item to delete it

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