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JuanTax Demo Organization (firm-level)
JuanTax Demo Organization (firm-level)

Experience JuanTax’s core features and capabilities using the FREE demo organization to help you get to know the platform better.

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The demo org is free and adequately functional. This will also give you the experience of JuanTax’s core features and capabilities which will definitely benefit you from getting to know the platform better.

Here’s are things you can access in the demo org:

  • Generate all forms and submit them for approval

  • Add or edit contacts and transactions

  • Generate reports, view drafts, and filed transactions

Follow the steps below on how to request and access the demo org in JuanTax:

STEP 1: To access the demo org, simply click on the Request Demo Org button on the upper right part of your firm’s portal.

STEP 2: Your request will be sent to the respective JuanTax Team and we will activate your demo org within 24 hours. The demo org is available to Partner Firms for 45 days.

STEP 3: After your request to access the demo org has been accepted by JuanTax, you will see an Accept Invitation button, click this to continue.

STEP 4: A pop up modal will appear, click Yes, I know this invitation to proceed to the demo org.

You see a notification that you’ve successfully accepted the demo org in your JuanTax account.

STEP 5: Click the demo org and you will now have access to the demo org.

The demo org is not connected to your actual firm in any way, this means you can populate the demo org with sample transactions you can play with without changing anything in your real JuanTax account.

We also have an extensive Help Center with information on each feature as well as how-to guides specific on how JuanTax works.

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