Multi-Coded Contacts Report

Learn about how the Multi-Coded Contacts Report helps you in tracking vendors/customers and your transactions with them in JuanTax.

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STEP 1: From the side-bar menu, click on the Plus > Other Reports > Multi-Coded Contacts Report.


  1. Active Contact Period (Start and End) - this filter is to show your active transactions.

  2. Starting Transaction Date - this will show your transactions starting on a particular date. However, it has a limit based on your organization’s starting date.

  3. Sync - click this button to sync your active transactions based on the filters you selected.

STEP 3: The page will now show a collapsible list of customers and vendors with active transactions. If you wish to collapse a list, this will show transactions per

Account Code Difference, ATC Difference, and Tax Code Difference.

The pink texts below each Account Code Difference, ATC Difference, and Tax Code Difference are also collapsible. They represent the accounts related to each of your transaction(s).

You can select and modify a transaction by clicking the Modify button. Each transaction has its own modify button to let you edit your transactions individually. Upon clicking this button, a confirmation modal will appear to verify if you want to proceed with the process.

NOTE: Changes per transaction will be updated in all reports and modules EXCEPT on filed returns where the transaction(s) are already reported.

Upon clicking the Modify button, If you choose yes, a new tab will appear which will direct you to the Transactions Module.

While modifying transactions in the Transactions Module, the Multi-coded transactions report is also loading simultaneously until you are done with modifying your transactions.

You also have the option to dismiss the whole difference or revert back to the original report by clicking the Dismiss History button.

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