This feature is only available to Plus organizations since the ability to apply payments is only available to Plus subscriptions.

After creating your sales transaction in Plus, you may now proceed to add your Creditable Certificate.

STEP 1: In the sidebar menu, click Tax Forms and choose Creditable Certificate.

STEP 2: To start adding 2307 / 2306 that you have received, click on the (+) plus icon.


2.1. Start by adding the Date of the Transaction.

2.2. Select the Name of the Customer. Remember that the Customer details in your Creditable Certificate and Sales Transaction should be the same.

2.3. Enter the Amount and select the Tax Code. Click Done to finish.

STEP 4: Go to your Sales Transaction and start adding the payment by clicking the Sales Option button. Then select Add Collection (+), and choose between the Without Withholding and Withholding options.

In this example, we chose Withholding.

STEP 5: Apply the payment particulars such as the Payment Date, Reference, Account, and Amount of Payment Applied. You can choose to put either partial or full payment, then click the Add Payment button below once done.

STEP 6: Click on the pink text that says Apply 2307 and a pop-up modal will appear.

Details in the Sales Transaction will be automatically picked up from your 2306 / 2307 Creditable Certificate, given that it is under the same Customer Name. Simply tick the check box of the correct Creditable Certificate.

Notice that the 2 pink texts below show the amount of Payment made and the Input Tax Applied.

If you go to the 2307 Certificate tab, you will also see the Remaining and Applied payment amounts.

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