What changed in the JuanTax app?

1. Enter sales transactions as is in the sales transaction module.

2. For Standard Users

a. Enter sales transactions as is in the sales transaction module.

b. C.R.E.A.T.E. 2307 - This can be used as proof by VAT taxpayers in claiming VAT credit during their monthly and quarterly VAT declarations.

c. Generate your Monthly / Quarterly VAT - PDF

3. For Plus Users

a. Do the same as above (1 and 2)

b. Mark it as paid, with withholding

c. Generate your Monthly/Quarterly

The user is no longer required to complete the data for Input Tax Attributable to Sales to Government before they are allowed to file.

With the new amendments, the button for Schedule 4 has been removed and you will no longer see this banner.

With the update aligned to the RMC 36-2021, upon generating the Monthly or Quarterly VAT return, line 23C for 2550M and line 26D for 2550Q is now editable.

After clicking either of the lines under the Summary Tab, JuanTax would show all available 2307s that have alphanumeric tax code WV010 (goods) or WV020 (services)

Both ATC are sales to government code that are only to be applied as creditable for VAT returns


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