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Generation of Forms in the Standard Plan
Generation of Forms in the Standard Plan

Learn the step-by-step process in generating forms/tax returns if you are a Standard Plan subscriber.

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STEP 1: From the sidebar menu, click on Tax Forms and choose the form you are looking to generate.

If you haven’t set up your billing information yet, this modal will automatically appear when you click the (+) icon. Letting you know that you must first set it up to be able to generate a form.

Follow this link to learn more about how to set up your billing information in Plus for tax payment purposes.

STEP 2: Otherwise, if you’ve already set up your billing information beforehand, simply click the (+) on the upper right part of the screen or the Create Report button in the middle of the page to start generating a report.

STEP 3: A breakdown of the charges will appear on a pop-up window. Click on the Generate button below to continue to the next step.

STEP 4: Select for the Year and Month of your report then hit the Generate button.

STEP 5: After generating the report, you would automatically be directed to the SLSP Data tab. Start adding transactions by going to the Sales tab then click on the (+) icon.

STEP 6: Once you’re done adding transactions, you can now start to proceed with the other steps in filing your return. Visit this Help Center article to see the complete steps in processing your tax return using Plus.

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