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How to Settle your Past Due Balance
How to Settle your Past Due Balance

Learn what happens to your JuanTax account if you have a past due balance and how you can settle it.

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Payments can fail for a variety of reasons. That’s why JuanTax makes 3 charge attempts with your credit card before officially locking your account.

The reasons for a payment failure may be:

  • Entering the wrong card number and/or other details

  • The card limit has been reached, etc.

  • Fraud prevention and/or other security measures implemented by credit card companies to protect the cardholder against card abuse

if for any reason we are unsuccessful to collect for the first time, we will reattempt to collect on the 8th day after notifying you. Please understand that if we are still unable to charge you for the service after the second attempt, we will be forced to temporarily suspend the service.

You can still log in to your organization, but you will no longer be able to access other pages except for the portal.

To settle your balance, go to the Billing Settings. To go to this page, simply click your account name, then choose Personal Account Settings.

Once the account is locked after the 3rd charge attempt, a Pay Now button will appear under Billing > Subscription. Proceed to pay your balance by clicking this button.

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