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Important Updates on the Standard Plan
Important Updates on the Standard Plan

This announcement marks the final milestone of the lifecycle of JuanTax's Standard Plan.

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The Decision

As our inaugural product offering, the Standard Plan has since evolved into an end-to-end solution which we now call the Plus Plan. Because you now have more visibility of your financial data, we'd like to provide all our customers access to Plus Plan's comprehensive features, many of which are not included in the Standard Plan.

By ending the Standard Plan, we now have the opportunity to offer a subscription that gives our customers, especially our CPA and Bookkeeping partner firms, so much more ease and convenience.

End-of-Life Milestones




Last-Time-Buy (LTB)


This is the last date to extend, renew or purchase the Standard plan.

July 31, 2021

End-of-Life (EOL)

The Standard plan will no longer be available starting this date for new users.

August 01, 2021

End-of-Maintenance (EOM)

Current Standard plan subscribers can still use their subscriptions until this date.

For Plus plan subscribers you may downgrade your subscription to a Standard plan up to this date.

June 30, 2022

I’m a current Standard user:

Q: What does this mean to me?

A: You still have access to your account until the EOM date. You also have the option of subscribing to the Plus plan directly to access all the other features not available in Standard.

Q: What will happen to my data?

A: Our commitment to our users is to keep the data for 10 years. Should you wish to have access after the EOM date, you may subscribe to any existing JuanTax plans. Otherwise, please make sure to download or export your data along with all the pertinent reports before the EOM date.

Q: I am a Fast File user, am I affected by this change?

A: This is only applicable for users who are under the STANDARD SUBSCRIPTION. Users who are subscribed to JuanTax Plus or Fast File will not be affected whatsoever.

For More Information

Explore our plans and if you see one that you like, change your plan here.

Please feel free to talk to us about this transition and how you can manage the costs.

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