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Attachment Export and Re-submission
Attachment Export and Re-submission

Learn how to download your QAP, SAWT Alphalist, and SLSP attachments in Plus.

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This article will discuss two ways of downloading your Attachments within Plus:

  1. Downloading Attachments inside the Tax Return

  2. Downloading Attachments via the Confirmations tab

Re-submission of Attachments

  • If the attachment was filed within the filing period and the user did not receive their confirmation email within 1-2 days, JuanTax will automatically re-submit their attachments to the BIR only once.

  • Users are allowed to re-submit their attachments within JuanTax if the deadline has already passed and they still haven’t received their confirmation email.

  • Under the FILE NOW options, you will see the Re-Submit Attachment button.

The Re-submit button will only be clickable once the tax filing deadline is over. Since JuanTax only re-submits ONCE (within the filing period) and the Re-Submit Attachment button will only be enabled after the deadline, you have the option to export the attachment and re-submit it yourself anytime.

NOTE: You can export the attachment from the FILE NOW options/button or from the Confirmations page on the left sidebar menu.

Downloading Attachments from inside the Tax Return

Plus users can export attachments even if they have not used JuanTax for e-submission as it is part of the plan's unlimited filing benefit.

STEP 1: From the return, click the SAWT button then choose the file format you wish to use (DAT or Excel).

STEP 2: However, since the attachment is not yet validated, you will still get this message. Click the Agree button to continue.

STEP 3: A banner will appear to inform you that the attachment is ready for you to download through the Export Hub or directly upload it to your computer device.

Export Hub is a convenient cloud solution that enables JuanTax users to simplify the collation of exported documents. Using this feature, you can conveniently export different reports or forms out of JuanTax.

Downloading attachments via Confirmations

JuanTax automatically adds attachments to the Confirmations page immediately after it is validated by the system and sent to Select Sent Items from the drop-down menu and click the Update Filter button for you to be able to view the attachments you've sent.

STEP 1: Select the file attachment that you wish to download.

STEP 2: Click the Download Email button to save the file to your computer.

STEP 3: There will be a pop-up message when a user tries to export the same files submitted to This is to remind users that JuanTax will not be liable for any validation errors the users may incur for additional data entered outside of JuanTax.

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