Compliance Center
A tool to assist you in organizing government-mandated requirements across the entirety of your client’s organization.
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The Compliance Center allows for:

  • Granting of access and assigning permission to users

  • Management of task lifecycle, and;

  • Provides data retention to users for easy access of records anytime

What you need to know:

  • This feature can only be accessed in the Plus Plan

  • Access is limited to firm-level only

  • The organization should be under a 10k Business plan or a total of 10k plan before a firm can access the compliance center

A. Main Dashboard

The dashboard displays tasks and information associated with all the companies in a firm.

In addition, applying filters also let you see only the data that you want to be displayed in your tasks list based on the certain criteria you've selected such as Company, Task, Filter, Due Date, or Priority.

B. Setting

This part lets you see the list of your categories, allows you to add a new category, and allows you to update your category status.

A pre-defined set of categories are available. If no category matches the task you’re creating, you can add your category by clicking on the Add New Option button.

B1. Fill out all the required fields and click the Add New Option button to finish adding your Category.

B2. You can also add another status aside from the default categories we’ve predefined.

C. Company Dashboard

Here’s you’ll see the information and includes all the tasks that are approaching the due date.

You can apply filters to view your list of tasks based on their Priority or who the Assignee was.

D. Company Information

Find frequently referenced information right here. Make sure these details are regularly updated.

Note: Company Name, TIN, Address, and Incorporation Date are automatically pulled from your JuanTax Organization.

D1. Users can also update the company’s PSIC, SSS, PAG-IBIG, and Philhealth numbers directly from the Company Information part.

E. Compliance

Monitor your corporate compliance conveniently through your company's financial record overview. Ensure that these records are complete and updated regularly.

E1. Adding of Task

In adding a new task, only the Category field is required and the rest of the fields are optional.

E2. Editing and Deleting of Task/Compliance

  • The user can edit all the fields except for the Category field.

  • Files can be uploaded by clicking the green plus icon

  • Tasks can be removed or marked as complete.

E3. Filters

Apply filters to view the only data that you want to be displayed in your tasks list based on the certain criteria you've selected such as Task, Filter, Due Date, or Priority.

F. Company Secretary

Organize and store backup copies of important documents, forms, and records to keep them handy for easy reference. Accepted formats are PDF, JPG, PNG, XLS, and DOC while the maximum file size is 25MB.

F1. In your Company Secretary, you can organize your files in folders. To create a new file or folder, simply click the Options dropdown button.

You will see 6 default folders that have been created by us. These folders CANNOT be renamed or deleted.

G. Team

With Compliance Center’s Team, you can view the users within the company and their assigned roles. The Team is connected to your JuanTax Organization’s users, this means that the details on your Organization are the same details that you’ll see here.

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