Xero Reports vs JuanTax Plus Reports

Below are some of the Xero reports you can use to double-check data from both platforms

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Once transactions are migrated to JuanTax Plus, it is important to double-check your Xero organization to see if data were transferred correctly and completely.

1. Xero Sales Tax Audit Report

You can use this report to view journal entries, which you can then bring to JuanTax Plus to complete your data.

*Xero Sales Tax Audit Report

*JuanTax Plus Quarterly VAT 2550Q

2. Xero Profit and Loss Report

This report can be used not just to match ITRs in JuanTax Plus, but to match Financial Reports and Books of Accounts as well.

*Xero Profit and Loss Report

*JuanTax Plus Quarterly ITR

3. Expanded Withholding Tax

In addition to the Sales Tax Audit Report, the Account Transactions Report can be used to calculate EWT. When you select the account you used to record the EWT and set the correct period, you should be able to see if you have added all EWT and the amount. You can view Xero's Balance sheet in combination with this report to better understand withholding taxes reported through the JuanTax Plus account.

*Xero Account Transactions Report

*JuanTax Plus Quarterly Withholding Tax Return

For more information about your data in JuanTax Plus, there are three main reports you can generate:

As mentioned, these are recommended reports by our team. You may use any Xero reports that you are familiar with to help you use both Xero and JuanTax Plus.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule an exclusive training with our team to better understand the data migration process.

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