June 9, 2017

Feature improvements in handling multiple ATCs for VAT, other minor updates and bug fixes.

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Handling Multiple ATCs for VAT

During setup, we require users to map their sales tax rates to an ATC (Alphanumeric Tax Code). This is tagged as the default ATC for VATable sales so JuanTax can auto populate Schedule 1 of the VAT forms.

However, businesses may have multiple revenue streams, thus, requiring them to report multiple ATCs in Schedule 1.

In order to accommodate this, JuanTax will use the default ATC on each sales transaction picked up. However, JuanTax will now allow users to change the ATC by going to the Sales section of the VAT return, under Sources.

Updates & Fixes

We've also made minor updates and bug fixes in this update release.

Detailed Capital Goods Amortization Schedule

We have included the input tax amount claimed for the period in the detailed capital goods amortization schedule.

Setup Wizard

Initially, we do not require users to enter their phone number and line of business. In order to provide a seamless experience in filing 2550, 2551, and 1601, we are now requiring these information.


In the last release, we introduced alert prompt whenever duplicate TINs are found. Now, we've added a feature to validate uniqueness of TIN for all contacts.


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