Amending Tax Reports

Make minor changes to your reports in JuanTax.

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Sometimes, it's inevitable to go back to a previously filed return because of incorrect entries. The good thing about JuanTax is that you can make changes to your tax reports through amendments and resubmit them to the BIR.

Can I amend a tax return filed outside of JuanTax?

  • Yes, you can use JuanTax in filing your amended tax return. However, you would need to re-create the filed form into the platform and mark it as Manually Filed for recording purposes before proceeding to the amendment.

To start amending your return, follow the steps below:
โ€‹STEP 1: Choose the tax report you'd like to amend from the Portal.

STEP 2: Click the Amend button located on the top-right corner of the screen.ย 

STEP 3: On the pop-up modal, confirm that you want to amend the report by clicking the Yes, amend this button.

STEP 4: Notice that the Amend button will be greyed-out and unclickable, this means you can start making changes to your return.

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