Ways of updating your presented Organisation's Data in your account.
a. Xero integrated
b. Standalone version of JuanTax

a. Xero integration

You can’t edit your organization’s data directly in JuanTax, but you can do the necessary revisions through your Xero account. The function of this process is to push the edited information from Xero into JuanTax.

For Xero integrated versions of JuanTax, push your changes in Xero by going to the Settings tab on the dashboard menu bar then proceed to Integration Settings

Once you’re in the Integration settings window, click the Resync to Xero button.

b. Standalone version of JuanTax

For the Standalone version, you still need to go to Settings on the dashboard and then proceed to Organization Settings

But this time,  there’s no need to resync with Xero, for you can directly change fields such as Display Name, Legal/Trading Name, Organization Type, Line of Business, Organization Classification, TIN, and Organization Description.

You also have the option of either saving your updates by clicking the Save or Reset button, if you want to revert back to your old organization settings.


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