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Invite a New User to Your Organization

Provide access to your colleagues by adding them as a user.

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Since there are no user limits in JuanTax, you can easily send out invites to anyone from your team, and add them to your list of collaborators within the tax software.

STEP 1: Start sending out invites by going to the Settings slider of your dashboard, then proceed to the Users tab and click the plus (+) icon.

STEP 2: Populate fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and the Role you will assign to this person.

STEP 3: After filling out the appropriate fields, click the Invite User button to send out your invite. 

Once you've sent out the invite, the user would partially be included in your list,  and the user's status will turn into Pending Invitation, considered that the user still hasn't accepted the invitation.

Your staff will receive an automated system email from JuanTax to confirm and activate the account either by logging in or creating a new account

Initiate the collaboration by clicking the Get Started button.

Have a JuanTax Account Already?

Clicked the Get Started button on the email you received, you will be directed to the login page. Simply log in with either using your registered credentials or Facebook/Google account and start collaborating! The new organization will appear on your portal. 

Don’t Have a JuanTax Account Yet?

Clicking the Get Started button on the invitation email you received will direct you to JuanTax’s Sign Up page. Complete the form and tick the ReCaptcha checkbox. Click the Sign-Up button to finish the process.

Once your staff had logged in, or after he/she had created an account, the user will be prompted to the organization that both of you would be collaborating. The user needs to click the Accept Invitation button to continue.

For your staff to confirm that she formally accepts the invitation, he/she should click the Yes, I know this invitation button.

Once clicked, the status of your staff in your User list will change into Active, and you as well as your staff can now work on the same JuanTax account.

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